Alright the truth is I really like LA. I somehow get excited by the chaotic mess that is Los Angeles. Maybe it’s the fact that every part of LA is unique, and not a single corner of it is like any other. Honestly there’s a lot to see and do in LA. Around every corner there’s a different eatery with it’s own twist, or a coffee shop with the most enviable interior design. There’s museums, and galleries that you wouldn’t believe even existed. Not to mention the multiple areas you can go shopping at, and they all have the best shops! Everyone has their own style, and they all walk to their own beat. I love the diversity, and I love that I feel like I went to multiple cities while I was only in one.

However, even though LA is intriguing I’m not too sure I could ever live there. Despite the creativity, and the AMAZING fashion scene that LA offers there’s a lot of things that might make you want to turn around and head right back home. The traffic is some of the worst I’ve ever been in, and let me tell you those LA drivers would plow you down if they could. It’s not that they don’t care (well maybe they don’t), everyone is just always in a rush to get somewhere. I couldn’t imagine dealing with rush hour up there everyday. Then there’s the fact that LA is just plain dirty. Sure Beverly Hills is beautiful, and there are definitely some nice areas. The truth is that there is trash everywhere, and walking down the streets of Downtown LA might make you just a little bit sad.

Despite all these things LA has something that my current city doesn’t, and if I had a good enough reason I’d be up there a lot more often then I am.

What do you think about LA?


Also this ice cream shop, Little Damage, in downtown was awesome! I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the area! Maybe you can get a scoop full of Unicorn Tears which happens to be a pretty popular flavor.