Stripes in the City

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: ALDO Shoes

Purse: Isabella Handbags (from TJ Maxx)

Bandana: Target

Jewelry: H&M



It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for a blog post! I’ve had a very exciting week. I have been awaiting a very lovely invitation from RewardStyle, so that I could use their LiketoKnowit platform, and I received my invitation just a few days ago! It was a really exciting moment for me, and being such a small blogger it really is a huge step for me. Within the next few weeks there will be a few changes made to my site you may have already noticed that theres a new shop tab up on the site. I wanted to be able to share items from my closet, my skincare and beauty products, and possibly some items that are even on my shopping list. All of this will be much easier, and user-friendly because I’m now a part of the RewardStyle family. If you have not checked out my Instagram yet you should! You can now like or screenshot my Instagram photos, and check out the exact products I’m wearing on the LiketoKnowit app! It’s a free app where you can find multiple influencers posts, and find the pieces you love all on one convenient app! I hope you all find these changes to be great, and I would definitely appreciate feedback! I love all of the support, and want to make sure that my readers are happy with my site.

Ok on to this look! The top I’ve had for years, so I won’t be able to link it. However, any simple white shirt would work. I recommend having multiple white t-shirts in your closet that you love they’re a closet staple! I wear them multiple times a week, and because each has a slight variation from the other they never get boring. The skirt is one of my new favorite pieces in my closet because honestly I’m a sucker for stripes. I gravitate towards anything with stripes on it while I’m shopping. Somehow I feel that they always make me look put together. This skirt in particular happens to be from forever 21, and despite it being a little loose in the waist it’s a great fit. I love the buttons down the front, and the length because it’s not too short. I’ll link a similar option along with the exact piece, but the skirt was so affordable I don’t know how you could pass it up!

If you read my last post The Little Red Sundress you would have read a little bit about the Spring app. I got a pair of beautiful block heels off of there, and these mules are also from the app! These are blush suede mules, and they are amazing. They’re on sale on The Spring app, or Shop Spring online. They have great deals on a bunch of ALDO shoes. There’s going to be a Shop The Post below where you can check out some of the items in this post which I think you’ll like better than my old links.

What is your favorite shoe brand? If you don’t have one what’s your go to shoe?


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Striped Sets

Top: Boohoo (from ASOS)

Skirt: Boohoo (from ASOS)

Shoes: ASOS

Backpack: Guess (from TJ Maxx)

Necklace: Flourish by Blues & Shoes

Hello! It’s been too long since I wrote a blog post, and I’m so excited to start focusing more on my content. Since finals are over and summer is starting I hope to post at least once a week if not more! Normally summer isn’t my favorite season; however, this year I really want to branch out with my wardrobe. I don’t normally wear a lot of color, so I’m using summer to experiment with color. Like in this really cute set. I’m wearing pink which I would normally stray away from, but it is starting to grow on me.

I love this set. It’s great for summer because it’s breathable material, and it’s even on trend with that little bardot top! I’ve also been obsessed with stripes lately. They go with everything, and they’re great for mixing prints. Another piece I wanted to point out are these shoes! They’re so comfortable, and they were less than $25!!!! Unlike the Adidas these aren’t as chunky, and have a much more feminine fit. I prefer this fit because they’re still a sporty shoe, but they don’t make my feet look enormous (plus I can’t argue with the price). I’ll have the exact pieces as well as some similar options linked down below for you as always!

What would you like to see more of on my blog this summer, outfit posts or travel posts? Comment below!

Striped Set: Boohoo Petite Striped Co-Ord

Shoes: ASOS Darby Lace Ups

Backpack: Guess Women’s Backpack This is not the exact same backpack, but it’s a very similar option made by Guess.

Another Striped Set: Missguided Petite Striped Shorts & Missguided Petite Striped Bardot Top This option is a little bit more pricey than the other, but I really like having a shorts option!

Both sets can have their pieces bought separately, so if you only like the top or the bottom you can just buy the one piece!

Also ASOS is have a 20% off memorial day weekend sale, so go grab those items with a discount while you can!!

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