Off the Shoulder Tops & Suede Sandals

Top: Boohoo (TJ Maxx)

Jeans: ASOS Petite

Sandals: Forever 21

Belt: Vintage

Necklaces: Forever 21

I am absolutely loving the off the shoulder trend for Spring! The one I’m wearing above is actually from the brand Boohoo, but I picked it up while browsing at TJ Maxx. I really loved the print it reminds me of a bandana, or a silk scarf. I also really loved the tulip back of the top, and I thought it was a really great way to make it a little bit different from all these other off the shoulder tops that everyone is wearing (aka the striped ones!). To go with this really lovely top I opted for these really beautiful suede heeled sandals! They sort of remind me of mules, and I love that even though they have a heel they are extremely comfortable.

Most of these items were really inexpensive (except for the ASOS jeans), and I will try and link some similar options below if I can’t find the exact items. If you don’t have the money to put down on expensive items yet like me then you should really hit that subscribe button to stay in touch with my affordable finds! I’m always adding thrifted items as well, so that you can see not everything you own has to be brand new.

If you’re interested in checking out a post on how to find some major scores, or make some extra cash you should definitely click here > The Four Apps You Need to Buy and Sell Clothing

So unfortunately I couldn’t find the sandals, or the top on the brands websites. I linked some fairly similar, and really cute other options though!

Strappy Faux Suede Mules from Forever 21

Faux Suede Sandals from Forever 21. (These are a great no heel option, and they are on sale!!!)

Abbie Paisley Off The Shoulder Top from Boohoo. (Check out their website because they’re always having a sale)

Bershka Off The Shoulder Top from ASOS

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The Four Apps You Need to Buy & Sell Clothing

If you’re a college student like I am, or you’re just a person that wouldn’t mind saving (and making) a little extra money then keep on reading.

I love shopping. I could do it every day if my wallet would allow it. However, I obviously can’t buy good quality items all the time especially when there are things that I don’t even wear hiding out in my closet. I realized that if I wanted to keep up my shopping habits I would have to figure out a way to make some extra cash, or find a place with lower priced items. Well that’s when I came across these four apps that I’m about to share with you! Each one of them varies from the other, but they all work really well. I am no way affiliated with these apps by the way. I honestly just think they’re a great tool to use if you don’t have them already.

These are the four apps you MUST have:

Vinted is a great app for buying and selling your clothes online. The best part about this app is that if you’re selling an item you get to keep 100% of your earnings! The buyer just pays a small service and fixed fee in order for this to happen. Also on this app you’re actually able to chat with other sellers/buyers which is really helpful when trying to talk about the details of an item. The last thing that makes this app stand out is that you can swap items with other users, so all you both end up paying for is shipping! Out of all four apps this one is probably the best in my opinion. You can find me on Vinted although I currently have no items for sale: @simpyaubrie.

Thred Up is a little bit different from these other three apps, but it’s still one that I wanted to include. If you don’t want to fuss with putting your clothes up for sale, and waiting for them to actually sell then this is the app for you. At Thred Up you can order a clean out kit, and once it gets to you all you have to do is put all your items you no longer want in the bag and then you send it back! It’s super easy. Their team will pick the items they want to sell, and you will receive a payout! Anything they don’t choose to sell will be sent off to their recycling partners unless you choose to have your items sent back to you. Your payout is given as a store credit until you make at least $20 then you can request a check, or have it put in your paypal account. With that credit you can buy the gently used items they have on their site, and they usually have great discount codes too! If you’re interested in using Thred Up then sign up here: http://www.thredup.com/r/GLW6YO and get $10 towards your first order!

If you’re looking for designer items in pristine condition for a discounted price then this is the app to use. Tradesy is only for selling designer items. I don’t use this very often to sell because I don’t have a lot of designer items at the moment, but everything I’ve seen for sale is in great condition. The prices are a bit higher, but so is the quality of the pieces. I’d say buying your preloved designer handbags on here would be your best bet! Ready to check out their handbags, or sell your own? Then sign up here: https://www.tradesy.com/invite/aubrie-a-7667182?utm_source=RFL&utm_content=RFL0001_7667182&utm_medium=link and get $20 off your first $50 purchase or more.

Last but not least is Poshmark. Poshmark has been my go to for a couple of years just because of how user-friendly it is. You can easily buy and sell clothing on this app. Just put up some nice pictures of your items, give it a little time, and bam! You’re items are sold, and you send them off to the posher that bought your product. Your payout usually comes within about 5-7 business days after your buyer has received, and accepted their item. There’s a great variety of items on this app, and you can negotiate with your seller. I’d recommend using both this app, and Vinted at the same time for your items so you can make sales quicker. Want to check out Poshmark? Sign up right here: https://poshmark.com/ using the code JVSAB to get $5 when you sign up! My Poshmark Closet: @aubrie_a

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