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Ok I know what you’re thinking. Wow Aubrie is alive? Where has she been? Why was she gone for so long? Well I’m back and here to answer all those questions my readers probably have. I went through a bit of a slump these past two months partially because of my Instagram being hacked and deleted (not much more to say on that), and because of my own self doubt. I’m normally a pretty optimistic person, but I really got inside my own head these last few months. I gave up on my blog, and I gave up on myself. I pretty much told myself that I wasn’t capable of doing anything including blogging.

However; I picked myself back up these past few weeks and decided to give myself a fresh start for the new year. I’ll have been blogging for one whole year next month, and I’m excited for what’s to come. I’m going to revamp my blog this year when I get the chance, and focus more on it. I lost track of everything that I was doing last year, and I’m ready to try new things this year. I have decided to start a youtube channel, and I should be posting my first video sometime in February. It takes a bit more planning to create a video because I’ve actually never edited a video before! It’s definitely going to be a learning experience, but I am excited to get started on another platform. Speaking of platforms my new Instagram username is SimplyAubrieA or you can go here: http://Instagram.com/simplyaubriea . I would definitely appreciate a follow since I’m completely starting over.

It does give me the chance to start with a blank slate. I did a loop giveaway with my old account, and I completely regretted it afterwards. It completely ruined my engagement, so in a way I’m happy to be starting over. Since I’m going to be doing things a bit differently this year I’d love to hear some ideas from all of you!

What kind of posts or videos do you want to see? Do you like my outfit posts with more photos, or do you prefer longer written posts? I want to know what you all want to be reading. I think this would benefit me as a blogger because I would really like to be able to engage with my readers more this year.

One of my other goals this year is to get more involved with my own community. I like shopping locally, and as a blogger it’s important to interact with my local community. If you’re in San Diego comment below, and even if not let me know where you’re from! I love finding other bloggers, businesses, and even locals that read my content. It’s extremely neat to find people locally that I can meet up with, or help out with events in my area!

I look forward to creating new content this year, and I hope you all enjoy it as I continue to grow! Also look out for these weekly chats where I’ll be getting a little more personal, and possibly answering questions any of you have weekly.

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