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Striped Sets

Top: Boohoo (from ASOS)

Skirt: Boohoo (from ASOS)

Shoes: ASOS

Backpack: Guess (from TJ Maxx)

Necklace: Flourish by Blues & Shoes

Hello! It’s been too long since I wrote a blog post, and I’m so excited to start focusing more on my content. Since finals are over and summer is starting I hope to post at least once a week if not more! Normally summer isn’t my favorite season; however, this year I really want to branch out with my wardrobe. I don’t normally wear a lot of color, so I’m using summer to experiment with color. Like in this really cute set. I’m wearing pink which I would normally stray away from, but it is starting to grow on me.

I love this set. It’s great for summer because it’s breathable material, and it’s even on trend with that little bardot top! I’ve also been obsessed with stripes lately. They go with everything, and they’re great for mixing prints. Another piece I wanted to point out are these shoes! They’re so comfortable, and they were less than $25!!!! Unlike the Adidas these aren’t as chunky, and have a much more feminine fit. I prefer this fit because they’re still a sporty shoe, but they don’t make my feet look enormous (plus I can’t argue with the price). I’ll have the exact pieces as well as some similar options linked down below for you as always!

What would you like to see more of on my blog this summer, outfit posts or travel posts? Comment below!

Striped Set: Boohoo Petite Striped Co-Ord

Shoes: ASOS Darby Lace Ups

Backpack: Guess Women’s Backpack This is not the exact same backpack, but it’s a very similar option made by Guess.

Another Striped Set: Missguided Petite Striped Shorts & Missguided Petite Striped Bardot Top This option is a little bit more pricey than the other, but I really like having a shorts option!

Both sets can have their pieces bought separately, so if you only like the top or the bottom you can just buy the one piece!

Also ASOS is have a 20% off memorial day weekend sale, so go grab those items with a discount while you can!!

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Floral Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit: J by J.O.A for Target

Shoes: Target

Jean Jacket: Levi’s

Purse: Isabelle Handbags

Neck Scarf: Target

Watch: Michael Kors

I’m so happy that I was finally able to go out and shoot in this jumpsuit! It’s rare that I find the time to go on actual shoots for my posts. This time I met up with an old friend whom I work really well with and we managed to get some really great shots. As much as I love typical shoots that show street style literally in the streets I also love doing things a little differently. Getting to watch the sunset while taking pictures for my blog was amazing, and I hope to find some other really cool spots to shoot soon.

About the jumpsuit! I honestly didn’t think one of the best jumpsuits I’ve ever tried on would be from Target. I’m petite, so it’s very difficult to find jumpsuits that fit me properly. This particular one is too long on me, but with a pair of chunky heels I’m good to go.

I really love the color of this jumpsuit as well as the pattern for Spring. I also really like that the jumpsuit is fitted because it’s difficult for me to find jumpsuits that make me look good because I am petite. However, petite or not this jumpsuit would look great on so many body types, and skin tones. There’s a tie at the back that you can adjust, and a hidden zipper. Oh and did I mention the price? This jumpsuit was only $34.99!! That is such a good price for a well made jumpsuit. As always I’ll link it below for you guys.

Do you have a particular style that you’ve been wanting to try? If so share below in the comments!

Photos by: @irvmast3r on Instagram

Unfortunately Target does not have this jumpsuit online! I’m so upset! I will still try to link similar options for y’all.

Floral Hi-Lo Dress – J by J.O.A from Target . It’s not the jumpsuit, but it is a cute dress in the same print!

Tie-Back Jumpsuit also from Target . Very similar jumpsuit for only $30!

Missi Caged Heel Sandals from Target

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Casual Friday

Hat: H&M

Top: TJ Maxx

Jeans: ASOS Petite

Shoes: Vans

Bag: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Lucky Brand

Bandana: Target

Hello! I have been having a hard time doing shoots for my blog lately, so I was very excited when I was able to get an outfit post up for all of you. I really have been loving blogging, and I really hope whoever checks out my page has been liking my content.

Anyways my weekends which happen to be during the week are often spent running errands, or coming up with new blog posts. So this was just what I wore to walk my downtown in, and get all my errands done. If you have been reading my blog you’ll have noticed this bandana has popped up in my last few posts, and I am honestly obsessed with it. I have quite a few bandanas, and they have been the accessory I have reached for the most lately. I’ve also been trying to get more into hats because I actually do enjoy wearing them. The wind knocked this one right off of my head a few times though while I was wearing it lol. The hat was definitely a steal that I found at H&M for less than $10 during their mid season sale.

The rest of the outfit I’ve had for awhile. They’re mostly basics that I have in my closet fro the days when I just need to throw something on. However, the sunglasses I did manage to find at TJ Maxx. I will try and link them for you, but it’s usually difficult to find their items online. As always I’ll link a few of the items down below!

What do you tend to wear on your days off?

River Island Petite Dark Wash Molly Jeans at ASOS. These are a very similar pair to mine. Mine are the ASOS brand Ridley fit, but they are no longer available on the website.

Straw Hat from H&M. This is the exact same style of hat as the one I’m wearing. It’s just in different colors, and I think it’s cuter than mine actually. Still only $13! (I may have to pick this one up!)

Slip-On Vans from Vans. Obviously you can get these anywhere, but I thought I would link them anyways. I’m actually in need of a new pair considering mine managed to gain a few coffee stains.

Classic Frame Sunglasses from TJ Maxx. I somehow managed to find these on their website!

Merona Floral Handkerchief from Target. I linked my exact one, but they have other options as well!

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Spring in Venice, CA

Purse: Nine West

Top: Q

Jeans: ASOS Petite

Shoes: Forever 21

Watch: Michael Kors

Bandana: Target

Pineapple Sunnies: Target

I recently went up to LA just for a day trip, and the weather was dramatically different than it has been lately. It was 80 degrees out, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I love going to LA because it’s a fairly close place to go for a change of scenery, and I especially love the fashion scene up there. Living in San Diego there’s a lack of diverse fashion because it’s pretty slow paced, and everyone dresses pretty casual down here. I don’t feel so out of place in LA.

In these particular pictures I was walking around the Venice Canals which I actually had never been to before! I love all the houses on the canals because they’re all very different from one another. In fact I decided to take some pictures in front of someones house because I really loved the paint color, and the cacti!

If you read one of my previous posts, Off the Shoulder Tops & Suede Sandals, then you would know I love off the shoulder tops! They are definitely the trend for Spring, and I think they’re a great staple piece to have in your closet as well. I enjoy ones with various patterns, or really fun sleeves like the one I’m wearing here! I love the little ties at the end of the sleeves, and I think it’s a great added detail to make the top a little different. The jeans are my go to, and I also have features these shoes before. They’re SO comfortable, and can literally be worn with anything. I’ll link some similar, or exact pieces below for you guys!

Have you ever been to LA? If so share your favorite place there in the comments below!

For similar shoes: Steve Madden Suede Sandals . These have a shorter heel, but are still suede with similar strap detailing.

You can also check out my other post: Off the Shoulder Tops & Suede Sandals for more shoe options!

For similar tops:

These are all really great options!



In affiliation with Steve Madden, and any link produced by them will generate income if a purchase is made.

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Why I Love Ipsy

I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time trying out new makeup and skin care products. I don’t want to go to Sephora, and ask for all the free samples. I also don’t want to pay full price for something I may not like, or it may not agree with my skin.

And then these beautiful subscription services started popping up. Ipsy Was the very first subscription service I ever started using, and it is my favorite. I have loved almost every single product that has been sent to me, and the samples have made me want to buy the actual products.

Ipsy is only $10 a month (which is a total steal!). You get different products every month, and they’re curated just for you.

You can subscribe to Ipsy here:

You can cancel anytime at no cost to you, so I definitely recommemd trying it out for a month!

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All About Totes

Tote: Shop J and G

Top: H&M

Jeans: Madewell

Shoes: Forever 21

Watch: Michael Kors

I don’t know about you, but I really tend to carry way too much stuff in my purse. Especially when the weather starts changing I need more chapstick, sunscreen, and maybe a little travel deodorant just in case. This beautiful grey tote is from Shop J and G, and I really love how roomy it is on the inside. Also the color of this tote is perfect to pair with literally everything in my wardrobe, and isn’t that lock on the bag adorable? I’ve got a coupon code that you can use to get yourself a new handbag. At checkout use the code “simplyaubrie15” to receive 15% off your order!

The rest of this outfit holds a few of my favorite staples! A simple oversized button up that I scored at H&M‘s season sale for 10 dollars! Seriously 10 dollars! The loafers are new, and their from Forever 21. I bought a cheaper pair of loafers because I wasn’t sure how often I’d wear them. Now I know that I definitely want to invest in a pair because I absolutely love them!

I’ll link some of the things I’m wearing below along with some similar options!

My purse: Grey Abbey Tote

My exact top: Striped Blouse

My Loafers: Faux Leather Loafers ( They also come in white, and ROSE GOLD!!!)


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Off the Shoulder Tops & Suede Sandals

Top: Boohoo (TJ Maxx)

Jeans: ASOS Petite

Sandals: Forever 21

Belt: Vintage

Necklaces: Forever 21

I am absolutely loving the off the shoulder trend for Spring! The one I’m wearing above is actually from the brand Boohoo, but I picked it up while browsing at TJ Maxx. I really loved the print it reminds me of a bandana, or a silk scarf. I also really loved the tulip back of the top, and I thought it was a really great way to make it a little bit different from all these other off the shoulder tops that everyone is wearing (aka the striped ones!). To go with this really lovely top I opted for these really beautiful suede heeled sandals! They sort of remind me of mules, and I love that even though they have a heel they are extremely comfortable.

Most of these items were really inexpensive (except for the ASOS jeans), and I will try and link some similar options below if I can’t find the exact items. If you don’t have the money to put down on expensive items yet like me then you should really hit that subscribe button to stay in touch with my affordable finds! I’m always adding thrifted items as well, so that you can see not everything you own has to be brand new.

If you’re interested in checking out a post on how to find some major scores, or make some extra cash you should definitely click here > The Four Apps You Need to Buy and Sell Clothing

So unfortunately I couldn’t find the sandals, or the top on the brands websites. I linked some fairly similar, and really cute other options though!

Strappy Faux Suede Mules from Forever 21

Faux Suede Sandals from Forever 21. (These are a great no heel option, and they are on sale!!!)

Abbie Paisley Off The Shoulder Top from Boohoo. (Check out their website because they’re always having a sale)

Bershka Off The Shoulder Top from ASOS

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Early Spring Styling

Hat: Forever 21

Bodysuit: Forever 21

Necklace: American Eagle

Jeans: ASOS

Shoes: Dolce Vita for Target

Jacket: Wanelo

Belt: Vintage

When you live in Southern California Spring usually feels like it comes way before it actually begins. So what exactly do you wear when it feels like spring time, but it’s still chilly out? I always opt for wearing jeans, and then I can be versatile up top. It’s best to just throw a jacket on where I live because you’re bound to get hot at some point.

My two favorite items for spring are bodysuits and mules. I tend to love tucking my shirts in for a cleaner look, and I love that I don’t have to fuss with bodysuits. They give that clean look I want without all the hassle. And despite what you’re thinking (why would I want to wear a onesie?) I promise they’re way better than you think. They are extremely comfortable, and I can’t wait to hoard more in my closet. The mules I love because they’re just about the most comfortable heeled shoe I’ve ever worn. These ones I’m wearing are from Dolce Vitas exclusive collection with Target. Which means they’re affordable, and good quality! They’re my new go to shoes, and I highly recommend you get yourself a pair for this Spring.

You can pick up my shoes here: DV Mules

They also come in black…

They have plenty of other gorgeous mules to choose from too, so I recommend checking them out.

Thanks to Sloane for taking these great photos! Check out her Instagram: @fraubrunek

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Ice Scream for Spring!


Sweater: H&M

Jeans: Madewell

Boots: Franco Sarto

Hat: Forever 21

Lipstick: NYX Butter London

I consider myself to have a pretty simple style, but when I wear a lot of neutrals I tend to want something to pop. In this case I went for a berry lip! I live in Southern California, so it’s not freezing outside. However, it has been in the fifties still so I chose to wear this light gray sweater from H&M (that I nabbed for $10!). The jeans are my new favorite pair, and I happened to pick those up at a local thrift store for $15 (score!). The chelsea boots are my go to. I’ve probably had them for about a year now, but I wear them more than any other pair of shoes that I own. They were an investment, but I’ve definitely got my moneys worth out of them. If you’re going to invest your money in a particular clothing item always invest in shoes.

I love walking around the downtown areas of my suburbs. This time I just happened to stop by my favorite ice cream stop, and enjoy some of the beautiful street art that has popped up over the years.

Where’s your favorite place to stop and get a treat? Share in the comments!


You can find a similar pair of Chelsea boots here : Kaiser Chelsea Boots from Topshop

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