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L’Occitane + Rifle Paper Co. A Dream Collaboration

**This post is sponsored by L’Occitane & Rifle Paper Co.**


Hell lovelies!

I’m so excited to share this exciting collaboration with all of you! The French skin care company L’Occitane has amazing products in general; however, this collaboration in particular is super exciting. I love Rifle Paper Co. all of their stationery is beautiful, and they out did themselves for this collab. The packaging of each of these products is so pretty I almost don’t want to use them for fear of messing them up! I love these floral patterns for Fall, and all of the scents are heavenly too.

The Nourishing Hand Cream Trio were the products I was most excited to try out. Once Fall comes around my skin gets severely dry, and my lips do too. I have a really hard time finding products for my hands that actually work, and aren’t too greasy. These hand creams are perfect for me. They’re actually for dry skin which means they’re going to work for my skin. I tried each hand cream, and they melted into my skin. The fragrance isn’t overwhelming, but it is still enough to leave you with pleasant smelling hands. I actually put one of these into my handbag, so I could have one with me at all times! I love that the products are travel size because now I’ll be able to carry these around all fall and winter long!

The Petite Shea Butter Trio comes with three shea butter balms. You can use the balms for anything you want too! I’ve been using them on my lips lately because like I said before I have a major case of chapped lips during this time of the year. However, the balms can be used on your hands, knees, elbows, or anywhere else you experience dryness. I love the different scents of all the balms too. They’re subtle like the hand creams, but still have a really nice fragrance.

Lastly was my favorite package! The Shea Butter Amour Gift is the sweet limited-edition tin box that has the hand-painted Rifle Paper Co. designs on it. The box contains L’Occitaine’s best-selling rose hand creams, and shea ultra-rich cream. Both are great products, and I am in love with the box. I love when companies use packaging that’s reusable for the consumer because now I’ll be able to use this box to hold all of products from this collaboration!

If you’re curious about L’Occitaine I’ve got a special coupon code just for you! If you head over to you can enter the coupon code RIFLEPAPER17 at checkout with any purchase, and you will receive your free gift!

These would be great gifts for Christmas, and it’s never bad to start your shopping early!

**This Post is sponsored by L’Occitaine & Rifle Paper Co**

Disclosure: I will never post sponsored content that I don’t like. If it’s not good enough for me

then it’s definitely not good enough for all of you! I will only be honest with all of you, and

thank you for supporting Simply Aubrie.

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My Current Skincare Essentials


I thought I would share a few of the products that I’ve been using to take of my skin these past few months. I’m sure from what you can see I don’t use a lot of products. Now for my skincare routine I do use a moisturizer and a micellar cleansing water that aren’t pictured. I didn’t show those two products because I’m still trying to find ones that I want to keep in my every day routine. So if you have a good moisturizer recommendation drop it in the comments! I have very dry skin especially when the colder months start to roll around my forehead will get flaky. A big reason I cut out a lot of other skin products was because I felt that they were drying out my skin even more.

These five products are great for keeping your routine simple. I find too many products (with too many ingredients) can irritate the skin. I started using the Indie Lee cleanser when I received a sample of it, and now I’m in love with it. I ditched my Neutrogena Ultra Gentle cleanser for this amazing rosehip cleanser. This cleanser only has six ingredients! It gently cleanses my skin, but doesn’t dry it out. It smells lovely and I feel like my skin has been reacting well to the product. One of the other products that I want to point out was actually another sample that I received in an Ipsy bag. It’s Tarte’s maracuja oil. I was pretty hesitant to slather oil on my face, but this oil is amazing. It’s a vegan oil packed with vitamin C that’s great for helping dryness and dull skin. I use the dropper, and put a little bit in my hands. Then I rub it into my hands, and gently massage it onto my face. Every morning my skin feels rejuvenated, and I really have noticed a difference in my skins dryness and texture.

The Mario Badescu facial spray I use multiple times a day. I use it after I moisturize, I use it as a setting spray for my make-up, I use it to refresh my face throughout the day, and I use it at night before I go to bed. I honestly love this stuff. I wish I have a smaller bottle because I can’t take this on a plane! This is the kind of product you want when it feels like your skin is starting to dry out. I recommend having some of this in your cabinet because I guarantee you will end up using it every single day.

The Bunny Moon face mask from Lush is my all time favorite thing that I have as a part of my skincare routine. Lush Cosmetics always tends to have some of the best products for my skin. The employees are always so kind, and they’re very educated on their products. They have four new jelly face masks too choose from, and because I have dry skin I went with the bunny moon. This stuff smells like honey and just glides right onto your face. Immediately after washing this off of my face I noticed a difference in my skin. However, the next morning was when I really noticed a change! My skin was the softest it’s ever been, and my skin felt refreshed. I didn’t even want to put anything on my skin in the morning because it already felt so good. I recommend picking out one of these new face masks if you get the chance. Just make sure to pick the one that’s right for your skin type.

Last but certainly not least is Curology. Before Curology I had never used any sort of Acne “medication”. I started my Curology subscription five months ago, and my skin feels amazing. I was dealing with really awful hormonal breakouts that I had never dealt with before. Curology sets you up with a dermatologist that sends you a curated medication for YOUR skin. You can contact them anytime about any changes in your skin, and it really has been a great experience for me. Curology may not work for everybody, but I think if you’ve tried other things that aren’t working you should give this a shot.

That’s my current skincare routine. What skin care products are you currently using?


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Why You Should Try JustFab if You Have a Shoe Addiction

I tried out JustFab to see if it was really worth the “subscription”. I’m going to let you know right away that this is NOT a sponsored post. All of these opinions about JustFab are completely honest, and I’m not being paid to say anything about their site! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way let’s talk about these beauties shall we?

These were the two pairs I ordered! Now since this was the first time I had ever used JustFab these were at a serious discount, and to make the discount even better I opted to become a VIP which doesn’t cost any extra money by the way! I had already gone through the site, created a wish list, and determined which pairs I wanted before purchasing. This made it much easier for me to make a decision too because I could see all the pairs that I liked in one place. They also curate a boutique for you that’s created using your style profile. Before you actually purchase anything you take a style quiz which helps your stylist give you ideas for your monthly pick. I don’t really pay much attention to the boutique, but if you have trouble styling outfits it’s a great tool.

The pair on the left are the Delayna Sneaker, and although the design is very cute I wasn’t pleased with the quality. The faux suede photographs well, but the caps on the toes looked worn. There were stress marks on the faux suede when I received them in the mail which upset me because I had not even worn them yet. Another thing I should point out was the right shoe didn’t fit my foot properly, and they weren’t really that comfortable. They were pretty stiff, but since I didn’t return them I’ll use them for a few outfit posts. All these shoes are pretty affordable, so I’m not that upset I was just expecting better. If you are interested in there because they are adorable they also come in grey!

The pair on the right are the Ideya Loafer Mules, and I absolutely love them! I’ve wanted a pair of these for awhile now, and these are great! They look like an expensive pair of shoes, and they feel like good quality. They’re comfortable and they make any casual outfit look a bit more dressed up. I couldn’t be happier with these, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I bought the other two colors as well! These are definitely my style, and if you were wearing of trying a pair of these out JustFab is the perfect (affordable) way to do it!

Despite having one pair that I wasn’t in love with I will continue to use JustFab. I think a good rule of thumb is to read a lot of the shoes reviews, and pay attention to the material. Always remember you can return the shoes too at no cost to you. Another great thing about being a VIP is you can skip a month if you don’t feel like purchasing a pair every month! I’m skipping for a month or two because I don’t need anymore shoes (at least not yet)!

If you’re interested in trying out JustFab click here:

You will get $10 off your first pair.


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The Truth About LA

Alright the truth is I really like LA. I somehow get excited by the chaotic mess that is Los Angeles. Maybe it’s the fact that every part of LA is unique, and not a single corner of it is like any other. Honestly there’s a lot to see and do in LA. Around every corner there’s a different eatery with it’s own twist, or a coffee shop with the most enviable interior design. There’s museums, and galleries that you wouldn’t believe even existed. Not to mention the multiple areas you can go shopping at, and they all have the best shops! Everyone has their own style, and they all walk to their own beat. I love the diversity, and I love that I feel like I went to multiple cities while I was only in one.

However, even though LA is intriguing I’m not too sure I could ever live there. Despite the creativity, and the AMAZING fashion scene that LA offers there’s a lot of things that might make you want to turn around and head right back home. The traffic is some of the worst I’ve ever been in, and let me tell you those LA drivers would plow you down if they could. It’s not that they don’t care (well maybe they don’t), everyone is just always in a rush to get somewhere. I couldn’t imagine dealing with rush hour up there everyday. Then there’s the fact that LA is just plain dirty. Sure Beverly Hills is beautiful, and there are definitely some nice areas. The truth is that there is trash everywhere, and walking down the streets of Downtown LA might make you just a little bit sad.

Despite all these things LA has something that my current city doesn’t, and if I had a good enough reason I’d be up there a lot more often then I am.

What do you think about LA?


Also this ice cream shop, Little Damage, in downtown was awesome! I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the area! Maybe you can get a scoop full of Unicorn Tears which happens to be a pretty popular flavor.

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The Four Apps You Need to Buy & Sell Clothing

If you’re a college student like I am, or you’re just a person that wouldn’t mind saving (and making) a little extra money then keep on reading.

I love shopping. I could do it every day if my wallet would allow it. However, I obviously can’t buy good quality items all the time especially when there are things that I don’t even wear hiding out in my closet. I realized that if I wanted to keep up my shopping habits I would have to figure out a way to make some extra cash, or find a place with lower priced items. Well that’s when I came across these four apps that I’m about to share with you! Each one of them varies from the other, but they all work really well. I am no way affiliated with these apps by the way. I honestly just think they’re a great tool to use if you don’t have them already.

These are the four apps you MUST have:

Vinted is a great app for buying and selling your clothes online. The best part about this app is that if you’re selling an item you get to keep 100% of your earnings! The buyer just pays a small service and fixed fee in order for this to happen. Also on this app you’re actually able to chat with other sellers/buyers which is really helpful when trying to talk about the details of an item. The last thing that makes this app stand out is that you can swap items with other users, so all you both end up paying for is shipping! Out of all four apps this one is probably the best in my opinion. You can find me on Vinted although I currently have no items for sale: @simpyaubrie.

Thred Up is a little bit different from these other three apps, but it’s still one that I wanted to include. If you don’t want to fuss with putting your clothes up for sale, and waiting for them to actually sell then this is the app for you. At Thred Up you can order a clean out kit, and once it gets to you all you have to do is put all your items you no longer want in the bag and then you send it back! It’s super easy. Their team will pick the items they want to sell, and you will receive a payout! Anything they don’t choose to sell will be sent off to their recycling partners unless you choose to have your items sent back to you. Your payout is given as a store credit until you make at least $20 then you can request a check, or have it put in your paypal account. With that credit you can buy the gently used items they have on their site, and they usually have great discount codes too! If you’re interested in using Thred Up then sign up here: and get $10 towards your first order!

If you’re looking for designer items in pristine condition for a discounted price then this is the app to use. Tradesy is only for selling designer items. I don’t use this very often to sell because I don’t have a lot of designer items at the moment, but everything I’ve seen for sale is in great condition. The prices are a bit higher, but so is the quality of the pieces. I’d say buying your preloved designer handbags on here would be your best bet! Ready to check out their handbags, or sell your own? Then sign up here: and get $20 off your first $50 purchase or more.

Last but not least is Poshmark. Poshmark has been my go to for a couple of years just because of how user-friendly it is. You can easily buy and sell clothing on this app. Just put up some nice pictures of your items, give it a little time, and bam! You’re items are sold, and you send them off to the posher that bought your product. Your payout usually comes within about 5-7 business days after your buyer has received, and accepted their item. There’s a great variety of items on this app, and you can negotiate with your seller. I’d recommend using both this app, and Vinted at the same time for your items so you can make sales quicker. Want to check out Poshmark? Sign up right here: using the code JVSAB to get $5 when you sign up! My Poshmark Closet: @aubrie_a

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